Layton Hills Mall


Bring you family and join us for the grand opening of the newly designed play area at Layton Hills Mall sponsored by Weber State University. The play area features custom-designed WSU and northern Utah pieces including the WSU clock tower, Waldo at the entry way, and a wildcat on the play area.

Join the fun at the Layton Hills Mall center court on Saturday, July 14 at 11 a.m. for the ribbon cutting, face painting, balloon animals, and goodie bags (with valuable coupons included) to the first 200 visitors. Waldo and members of the WSU Spirit Squad along with the WSU drum line will be there for fun and photos with the kids.

Coming to WSU: Parenting with love and logic

Love and Logic comes to Weber State

If you’re looking for some great advice on how to parent, you can’t go wrong with the team over at Love and Logic. They focus on nurturing and age-appropriate strategies to raise responsible, well-adjusted kids.

One of the founders, Jim Fay, is the featured keynote speaker at the Families Alive Conference. His opening address, “How to Discipline Kids without Losing Their Love and Respect,” is free to the public. Here are the details:

Thursday, October 13

7:30 PM

Austad Auditorium, Browning Center

Weber State University


Find out More

Check out some of Jim Fay’s free articles.

To register for the conference, or for more details visit Families Alive: Strategies for Resilient and Successful Families.

Family Fun: WSU Davis Carnival/Outdoor Movie

The Davis Campus Student Council is planning a free Carnival and Outdoor Movie on Saturday, September 10th at 6 p.m. So grab your friends and family, bring some blankets and camping chairs, and join Weber State Wildcats at the Davis Campus Carnival and Outdoor Movie.



8 things that you don’t want to miss out on

  1. Bouncing around on the inflatables
  2. Getting soaked in the dunk tank
  3. Taking silly pictures at the photo booth
  4. Snacking on delicious Dominos pizza
  5. Watching the free showing of Pirates of the Caribbean 4
  6. Meeting Jack Sparrow’s cousin, White Rock Willey
  7. Playing all the awesome carnival games
  8. Watching the K9 unit and search dogs demonstration

This event is free to the public. The only cost is if you want to grab some Dominos pizza for the family.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

6 p.m.-8 p.m. Carnival

8 p.m.-8:30 p.m. 9-11 service tribute

8:30 p.m. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides



Go outside and play: Weber County Fair

Why is the Weber County Fair SO Cool?

Wednesday, August 10th through Saturday, August 13th are four days that you would do well to put a large red circle around on your calendar because it’s the Weber County Fair! Everyday from 11am -11pm Weber County Fair is hosting events, concerts, competitions, rodeos, races, and attractions that you don’t want to miss out on!

Free Concerts

Every night at the grandstand there will be free concerts. Including The Long Run Eagle’s Tribute Band, T Minus 5, and the Blue Sage Band. AND! I actually had a class (Introduction to Music MUSC 1010) from Professor Shawn Satterthwaite who is the vocal percussionist in the group T Minus 5, he’s awesome! So ya, that’s my claim to fame. So if you wanna check out T Minus 5 make sure to be there on Friday at 8pm.


The Weber County Fair Rodeo will take place on Wednesday, August 10 at 7pm at the Stadium.  And on Thursday, August 11th there will be a Utah Youth Rodeo at 6:30pm at the Stadium.

More Awesome Activities

  • Demolition Derby
  • Weber County’s Got Talent
  • Wake Board Competition
  • Live Stingray Encounter
  • Mud Run
  • Zip Line
  • Super Aqua Bubbles
  • Win it in a Minute
  • Carnival
  • Lawn Mower Races
  • Horse Pulls
  • Animal Specialties and Petting Zoo
  • Big Foot Experience
  • Hypnotist
  • Local Entertainment and so much more!

Want to get in for cheaper?

On Wednesday, August 10th (the grand opening day) all kids twelve and younger get in for FREE! So if you’ve got lots of little ones, Wednesday is the day to go. Thursday, August 11th is Dollar Day so make sure to bring a nonperishable food item for the Utah Food Bank and get into the Weber County Fair for just $1.00.

If you go…

Remember sunscreen and to keep hydrated because all the fun will be taking place outside at the Weber County Fair Grounds. For Fair admission prices check out the table below and if you would like to purchase your tickets in advance they will be sold at the Golden Spike Arena Box Office. For a complete list of events, times and information download this Fair Premium Book. And while you’re there make sure to stop by the Weber State booth to hang out with some cool cats, play a game of rock band, and get a free t-shirt and bandanna.


Budget Bites: Tips for a Quick (Healthy) Dinner on a Budget

It’s 5:00 and it hits you like a ton of bricks.  Your child just said those words that every mom dreads, “Mom, what’s for dinner?” after a day full of booger whiping, diaper changing and overall chaos management, you have had no time to even think about dinner.  What now?

You open the cupboard to see a few lonely boxes of macaroni and cheese and a half sleeve of crackers. Oops, grocery shopping slipped through the cracks today. You’ve called the pizza man so many times in the past month that you’re on a first name basis… but the kids can never get enough pizza, right?  Healthy tomatoes cancel out the greasy cheese, don’t they?

Hold it right there, sister. Let’s rewrite this scenario. Your life is busy, yes, but there are a few things you can do to get you and your children fed, happy and healthy all while keeping your budget firmly in place.

1. Meatless Mondays

Why it works: Have you seen the price of meat lately?  If you’re going with a simple chicken or ground beef meal, it’s easily the most expensive part.  If you want to make a hearty pot roast or steak? Forget it. I recommend choosing one day a week to go without meat (it doesn’t have to be monday, but I do love my alliterations.)

Going meatless also has health benefits.  Meatless meals generally have less calories and less fat and getting rid of the meat leaves space that you can fill with other delicious nutrients that are too often forgotten. However, you don’t want to lose your protein source.  A good cheap way to replace that protein is to combine two “incomplete” proteins such a beans and rice.

Meal Idea: Baked Potatoes with Black Beans and Corn


2. Pick Favorites

Why it works: I know, I know, picking favorites is generally a bad thing, but not here ladies!

You know there are things that your kids love and could eat every night, right? So cook them! Pick your 10 favorite easy meals and have the basic ingredients on hand.  This means that when you realize it’s 5:00 and you don’t have a plan, you’re already taken care of.  If you want bonus points you can even keep an eye out for sales on the ingredients and stock up.

Meal Idea: Homemade pizza on pre-made biscuits.


3. Plan Ahead


Why it works: Planning ahead allows you to get ahead of the game.  Sit down with your planner at the beginning of the week and write down everything from that late meeting at work to Junior’s big football game.  Then go back in and fill in what will be for dinner that night. This can be a rotation of the 10 favorites above, or you can even sneak in a few new ones if you’re daring.  This makes it so you can plan to make enough for leftovers for a really busy night, or you can plan for a quick easy meal. No more of the 5:00 uncertainty.

Meal Ideas:  Taco Soup (It’s easy to make a big batch for leftovers, or to put everything together in the morning and heat it up at night.)


4. Two by Two…


Why it works.  I know you’ve done it.  I sure have.  Your recipe calls for a half cup of cilantro.  A half cup?That’s only about half the bushel! What should you do with the rest? Maybe just put it in the fridge and hope the guilt of letting food go to waste doesn’t get you too down… not any more ladies! After you’ve completed step 3 (meal planning) take another look and see if you can’t put meals that use like ingredients together. Especially perishable things like fruits and vegetables. So if you’re dying to try a recipe your sister gave you that contains a quarter cup of green onions, try to plan something the next day that uses the rest of those green onions. Easy enough, right?  You’ll be surprised how much this tip saves you by not wasting those expensive fresh goods.

Meal Idea: Baked Chicken Taquitos followed by Spicy chicken tacos (Recipes to come!)


5. Mix and Match


Why it works:  You’re absolutely craving a delicious home grilled steak.  How can you justify it though?  Simply pair it with something that’s cheap and healthier.  For example,  you could add a half of a baked potato, a simple iceberg lettuce salad (buy it in the pre washed bag for an easier option) or use less of the meat by chopping it up in fajitas and mixing it with peppers and onions.

Meal idea: Fire grilled fajitas


I hope these tips help you as much as they have helped me.  Who knows?  Maybe you’ll even have enough time to look in to going back to school (hint, hint) and when you are, Weber State University has the flexible options that work around your busy life.


Do you have a Quick, Healthy Budget dinner tip?  Share it with me in the comments!

Check Back for More

Like what you see here?  Keep checking back for more tips, recipe ideas and general meal inspiration.

Go Outside and Play: Canoeing, Camping, & Climbing

Oh what do you do in the summer time?

Living in Ogden Utah the possibilities are endless for outdoor family fun. For some good family bonding time this summer read through these fun things to do and then go outside and play!


Canoeing is the perfect family activity for a hot summer day, not to mention there are plenty of options for reservoirs and lakes around the Ogden area, although Causey Reservoir (which is 15 miles northeast of Ogden) is my favorite place to canoe because of the smooth water, and the little coves between the cliffs you can paddle through.  If you decide to go to Causey dam there are a few things you should know; there are no dedicated boat-launch facilities, powerboats are not allowed, and parking is on the north part of the dam at the Boy Scout camp. Canoeing, fishing, swimming and cliff jumping are all very popular at Causey.  Just remember to bring life jackets, sunscreen, water, and snacks for a great day on the water.


Bring your family together this summer in the beautiful mountains that line the Wasatch front. The Outdoor Program has the gear you need to make an awesome camping trip including; sleeping bags, tents, camping stoves, lanterns and more!  So let’s say you decide to camp overnight at Anderson Cove (next to Pineview dam) so you rent a four person tent at Outdoor Program it would only cost you $18.00 if you’re a student and $27.00 if you’re not. To reserve a campground at Anderson Cove call  877-444-6777.  Anderson Cove is conveniently located right next to the beach and is right next to a doc. The campsite also has a boat launch ramp, public restrooms, volleyball courts, and pets are allowed in some campsites.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Weber Rocks Climbing Wall is a great place to bring all your little monkeys and let them loose for a day, or bring your significant other and make it a date.  With your Wildcard each person costs $5.00 dollars ($8.00 if no one in the group has a Wildcard) which includes shoes, harness, and a student belaying clinic. Weber Rocks is located in the Swenson Stromberg complex in the northwest corner of the gym. This indoor climbing facility is open in the summer Monday-Thursday 4pm – 8pm and Saturday 10am-5pm. Youth (ages 13-17) can only climb on Saturdays from 10am-5pm.

Want someone else to organize your summer fun?

Not only does the Outdoor Program talk the talk but they walk the walk.  Throughout the summer they are taking groups of both community members and WSU students to the Snake River July 22-24, August 12-14, and September 9-11.  If you would like to go give the Outdoor Program a call at 801-626-6373, pay the trip cost ($85 for students $95 for public), attend your pre-trip meetings, and then show up ready to have some fun.  Visit their website for more info on their weekend Snake River trips. Or Check out their complete list of events, adventures, trips, clinics, and workshops.

With the help of WSU’s Campus Recreation you can have fun family outdoor activities, make memories and have experiences that your family will never forget.  Rivers, smores and adventure are awaiting you.  So contact the Campus Recreational Center today!

Little Known Resources: WSU’s Outdoor Program

Looking for Summer Fun?

For all your outdoor family fun and outdoor gear this summer check out WSU’s Outdoor Program. The Outdoor Program is Ogden’s personal outdoor gear closet. They have everything from canoes and tents, to bocce ball sets and even rock climbing shoes! The Outdoor Program has rentals to accommodate many summer recreational activities. WSU’s rentals include . . .

  • Camping necessities
  • River and lake equipment
  • High adventure outdoor gear
  • Sport sets

How can I rent WSU’s outdoor gear?

To get equipped for your next adventure, visit the Outdoor Program’s Rental Center and check out all the rentals WSU has to offer. After you have decided on what to rent, stop by the Outdoor Program anytime Monday –Saturday, 8am to 6pm. They are located on 41st and Taylor, in Annex 9 on the WSU Campus (see map below). Or if you would like to reserve your equipment over the phone, call 801-626-6376. Community members are welcome to rent from the Outdoor Program but if you’re a wildcat you can rent at a discounted price with your Wildcard. When renting don’t forget to bring your drivers license, and a debit or credit card for the deposit.

If you’re thinking that’s a house. You’re right! The Campus Rec Outdoor Program is in a house. And just in case you’re wondering, even though it is a house the workers don’t actually live there.

Just beyond that little grove of trees.

The parking lot is for Wilderness Rec Center customers. That’s you. So enjoy it while it lasts cause everywhere else is permit only.

You don’t need to knock because it’s not a real house. Just walk right in.

This guy knows everything about outdoor gear so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Wet suits over your clothes are not a great idea in the middle of the summer. FYI

“Just around the river bend, my river trip is just around the river bend!” Think I would make a good Pocahontas?

Rafting last Friday on the Snake River. Thanks to my wet suit from Wilderness Rec I didn’t die of hypothermia with 47º water! (And yes I do wear purple on Weber Wear Fridays even when I’m not on campus.)

Go outside and play: Waterfall Canyon on the Summer Solstice

Waterfall Canyon on the Summer Solstice

A great summer activity for the whole family.

The Waterfall Canyon trail in foothills above Ogden is one of the most scenic trails in northern Utah. It’s a great family hike. It’s about 3 miles round-trip with a steady incline over rocky terrain. The last push into the canyon is the hardest, but  it’s well worth it. The 200+ foot waterfall is an amazing sight. It’s even more spectacular this year with all the added water coming off the mountain.

Step-by-step guide

If you’re not familiar with all the trails, it’s easy to get off course on your way to Waterfall Canyon. Here is a step-by-step photo guide to help get you there.

Park at the 29th St. trailhead. It’s not usually this crowded, but there were a lot of hippies on the trail for the solstice.

Start out by turning left from under the awning.

Stay left as you start out. The other trails will take you across the top of the golf course, but you want to head up the mountain.

Turn right here. (It’s still pretty clearly marked at this point, in case you don’t want to print these photos out as your guide.)

No joke, this part is not fun. It’s a steady incline of about 120 yards. The incline after this is in the shade and by the stream, so it’s not as bad.

Watch out for off-leash dogs on the trail. (Don’t freak out, they’re just as hot and tired as you are.)

This is the last place you can get mixed up, and it’s not clearly marked. So after you cross the stream on the first wooden bridge, stay left.

The last part of the trail is like step aerobics, it’s pretty rocky. But once you get to the canyon, the mist from the waterfall cools you down right away.

See, the hike is good for all ages.

This isn’t even the best view of the valley from these trails (we’ll do that hike later), but it’s still pretty awesome.

Seriously! Look how awesome the zoom is on this thing. 

Go outside and play: The Dinosaur Park

Kids driving you nuts this summer? Take them to see a T-Rex.

So the kids are probably out of school by now and after a week or two of having them home full time I bet everyone is climbing the walls. Especially Mom. A great family activity for the summer is to visit Ogden’s George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park. They have over a hundred full-sized dinosaurs that act as both main attraction and park security.

Something for kids of all ages (except for sulking emo teens, and there are plenty of benches for them to pout on)

The Dinosaur Park offers:

  • A fully operating Paleontology lab.
  • Eight acres of life-sized dinosaurs.
  • An education museum filled with information that will blow your mind (Related to modern birds?! Really?!)
  • Awesome exhibits like the 45-foot long, 20-foot high Tyrannosaurus.

Classroom activities too

For extra fun, check out the Dinosaur Park’s Dino Day Camps and Adventures in Art.  These educational programs are designed to spark your child’s imagination (a muscle they probably haven’t used much since school got out).  In Adventures in Art, children will have an opportunity to to work on weekly projects while they experiment with clay, chalk, and weaving.  Lunch will be provided each session and a final art show will showcase all the kid’s work. Students in the Dino Day Camp will get to spend six fun-filled hours participating in hands-on activities, scavenger hunts, and enjoying lunch in an outdoor setting. They will have lots of special projects to take home and they will be able to work in the Paleontology Lab with trained volunteers. Kids ages five to eleven can be signed up for Dino Day camp for $45.00 and four year old kids can be signed up for the Beginners Dino Day Camp for $15.00.  Kids ages five to eleven can also be signed up for the four week long art adventures class for $60.00.  To sign up for either program call the dinosaur park at 801-629-8877 or stop by the park to register in person.


If you go…

Apparently, dinosaurs have not forgotten their ancient alliance with wildcats. So the Dinosaur Park offers WSU students a $1.00 discount on a single admission with their Wildcard.  Much of the park is outdoors, so they’ll be plenty of walking. So wear good shoes, bring plenty of water and snacks and don’t forget the sunscreen. Take some quarters for fish food by the stream, they swim right up to you (Sorry Dad, no fishing inside the park).  And bring a camera for all the photo ops, (great for facebook status updates).

Bottom Line

The Dinosaur Park is a great summer activity for families. You can easily spend most of the day with all the stuff  they have to see and do. It’s a lovely walk for couples and there’s a great playground for little ones. If the kids are really starting to get on your nerves by now (and I know they are), the park’s a great way for them to get outside and burn off some energy.

Visit Ogden Eccles Dinosaur Park for more fun summer activities and dinosaur details. The Dinosaur Park is located at 1544 East park Boulevard in Ogden Utah, near the mouth of Ogden Canyon, right over by Rainbow Gardens. During the summer (May 30-Sept 5) the park is open Monday through Saturday 10am to 6pm and on Sundays 12pm-6pm.  They shut the gate one hour before closure so make sure to get there early to ensure a fun and worthwhile trip.