What does it take to Be Your Own Superhero?

In today’s popular culture, superheroes are becoming more prevalent and more iconic, thanks to enormous blockbusters like The Dark Knight and Ironman. But what is it that captivates us so much? It certainly doesn’t hurt that these movies have multimillion dollar budgets, some of our favorite actors, and plenty of cool explosions and chase scenes. It’s the characters themselves though, with whom we connect most. After all, every superhero has his or her own set of problems and commitments beneath the mask, just like everyone else. Sometimes it’s a flawed personality trait, sometimes it’s a moral conflict, and sometimes they just can’t seem to get the girl.

So what’s the whole point? You may be asking yourself, “Why all the superhero imagery?” Well, we here at Weber State University’s Continuing Education have decided that our students are real superheroes for pursuing their education amidst less than ideal circumstances. If you didn’t know already, Continuing Education provides assistance to and helps recruit nontraditional students, which is any student who is either at least 25 years old, married, taking evening, weekend or online classes, or is completing courses off-campus at any other WSU location. Many of the nontraditional students that we have highlighted in our previous blog posts (and whose images you may see riding around town on the side of a bus) are people who have returned to school after an extended hiatus, either because it was too difficult at the time or they had other commitments. Some have full-time jobs and some have children to take care of, but every one of them manages to create a unique schedule that works for themselves and their family.

So what does it really take to Be Your Own Superhero? Commitment, responsibility, an eagerness to learn, and a handful of other positive adjectives. Yes, it’s going to be difficult—it should be difficult—but the point is that you can do it. No matter what your excuse is, there’s already someone who had the same excuse and is about to graduate. So throw on your cape, tighten down your utility belt, and register for some classes already.

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Be your own Superhero: Heather Wright

More powerful than a busy family schedule!Heather is a wife, mother, and a student at Weber State University. She is currently working on completing a major in Nutrition. When she graduates, she wants to work with children and teach them the importance of eating healthy and exercising. Watch her video to learn how she balances everything with all the power of a superhero.