Be your own Superhero: Felix Lleverino

Able to leap small children in a single bound!

Felix is a full-time student, father and husband. He’s staying at home with his two young girls while he’s working on a bachelors degree in Geography. When he graduates, he wants to go into Geospace engineering.

Watch our interview with Felix and find out how he balance family and school.

Wildcat Tech Expo: All the latest tech for students and fun prizes too!

What’s that?

The Wildcat tech expo is a huge technology fair Weber State hosts every year. World renown companies come to show off their cool products. Reps from Adobe, Skull Candy, Apple, Dakine, Wacom, and iFrogz are all coming out to this year’s wildcat expo (and that’s just naming a few)!

Why is the Wildcat Tech Expo so Great?

  • The Expo has a variety of free current technology classes taught by professionals that are designed to empower attendees with technology trends of today.
  • You can enter the vendor showcase raffle worth hundreds of dollars in prizes!
  • A student who attended last years expo said, “The Wildcat Tech Expo is awesome! You can get all of your computer stuff and printers for really cheap prices, plus vendors and there giving you free products and doing all sorts of contests and it’s way cool. I even got a free ipod case!”

Cool classes…

Blogging Best Practices

Learn how to create a business blog, a family blog, or make your very own diary blog (note-online diaries are not confidential ; ). Find out how to promote your blog, connect with your community, get your blog sponsored, and embrace the world of bloggers.

Wed. Sept. 28

9:30-10:20 a.m.

Student Union 404A

Securing Your Home Network (Firewalls and Security)

Don’t let creeper identity thieves use your internet and steal your personal information by leaving the door wide open. Find out what is required to secure a PC or group of PCs on your home network.

Wed. Sept. 28

10:30-11:20 a.m.

Student Union 312

Digital Photo Editing for Beginners

So you’re not a professional photographer, but you like taking photos and wish you knew how to edit them. Well then this class is for you! Come learn simple and free options for editing your photos.

Wed. Sept. 28

2:30-3:20 p.m.

Student Union 321

Register Today

To register, visit Wildcat Tech Expo. Check out the available classes and register for each individual class you would like to attend.

Weber State’s Wildcat Tech Expo 2011

September 28- 29

Weber State University
3848 Harrison Blvd.

Student Union Building

Check out this video for cool pics from last year’s expo


As everyone knows, picking general education courses is somewhat akin to powering through a proverbial box of chocolates—you never really know what you’re going to get. What you expect to be the funnest class ever can sometimes turn out to be about as exciting as Math 1050, or vice versa. As a recent graduate, I feel it is my duty to impart to you some of my favorite* (valuable/interesting) general education classes, along with their credit type, pros/cons, and difficulty level.

Clint Eastwood, eat your heart out

American Civilization

Course: History 1700
Credit Type: History / American Institutions

I’ve always been somewhat interested in history in general, but American history always seemed to lack the excitement and energy that European history has. However, American Civilization turned out to be a great class. I credit a lot of my positive experience to my professor, Dr. Gene A. Sessions, who always managed to present the history and tell stories in an exciting and unique way. He’s also hilarious, and makes each class wildly exciting and informative. I walked away from the class with a wealth of knowledge and a healthy respect for the history of this country.

Pros: Interesting and relevant subject matter taught by an amazing professor.
Cons: One of the few Breadth requirements, this class is always large and always full (currently, Dr. Sessions’ two History 1700 classes have a capacity of 150 students each)
Difficulty Level:

2.5 out of 5 rating

That totally looks like a Sagitarius…right?

Elementary Astronomy

Course: Physics 1040
Credit Type: Physical Science / Scientific Inquiry

Who doesn’t love staring up at the stars? Well, welcome to Elementary Astronomy! The classroom itself is a state–of–the–art planetarium and has the most comfortable chairs on campus. I really loved this class because it was different in every way from the average classroom setting. It was also a blast to have my mind blown every class learning about stars, galaxies, black holes, relativity, the laws of physics, and anything else to do with outer space. My professor, John Armstrong, was an amazing teacher and a hilarious person. His passion for physics really made the class fun and exciting. Don’t get me wrong though, it is a fairly difficult class. There aren’t any prerequisites listed, but you would definitely be ahead if you have a handle on math and physics.

Pros: High–tech planetarium star shows and very interesting lectures.
Cons: Not a very easy class, especially if you struggle with math.
Difficulty Level:

3.5 out of 5



For more information on the Physics department, read my other blog article.

Omega–3′s anyone?

Foundations in Nutrition

Course: Nutrition 1020
Credit Type: Life Science

Everyone knows that eating right is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but it’s not always easy to know exactly what to eat, or why. Foundations in Nutrition is a great way to get educated in the complex world of healthy eating. This is one of those classes that I really was not excited about taking, but over the course of the semester I learned to really like it and appreciate everything I was learning. Taking a class like this, you can’t help but apply what you learned to your own life, which is important if you aren’t totally satisfied with your own health. Be aware that the class does involve some minor mathematical calculations (regarding numbers and percentages on a nutrition label) and a good amount of traditional homework and studying.

Pros: Lots of valuable, life–changing information to be learned
Cons: Unless you’re a health nut, it probably won’t be the most exciting class you’ve ever taken.
Difficulty Level:

2.5 out of 5 rating



*Remember that this is all my own opinion and comes directly from my own experiences. You may not feel the same way about these classes and if you’re hesitant, contact an adviser to help you out. Good luck!