New Superheroes at the Layton Hills Mall

Recently, our team unveiled an extensive, new series of advertisements at the Layton Hills mall that we are quite excited about. There are five main entrances at the mall (not including those that lead into specific stores) and each one now has three door clings, for a total of 15 completely unique pieces of design. Check them out below:

Our goal with this new project was to reach out to the community and communicate our message to as many people as possible. If you aren’t quite sure what “Be Your Own Superhero” means, read this blog post I wrote back in March. The mall entrances seemed like a great opportunity for us—we should get a lot of exposure, especially from back-to-school shoppers who may already have their minds on school.

Our design process here was a bit more involved and substantial than anything we’ve done in the past. For one thing, we commissioned a lengthy photo shoot, starring plenty of nontraditional students to play our new superheroes. As always, photo shoots require a new wardrobe and a professional photographer (thanks to Zac Williams). Once we received our photos, we combed through them for the best of the best, and plugged those into our door cling designs. Since the design elements (logo, color, messaging) already existed from prior marketing materials, these came together fairly quickly, but it was still important to include just the right amount of information. In the end, they were printed and installed beautifully by Fusion Imaging and we couldn’t be happier.

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Layton Hills Mall


Bring you family and join us for the grand opening of the newly designed play area at Layton Hills Mall sponsored by Weber State University. The play area features custom-designed WSU and northern Utah pieces including the WSU clock tower, Waldo at the entry way, and a wildcat on the play area.

Join the fun at the Layton Hills Mall center court on Saturday, July 14 at 11 a.m. for the ribbon cutting, face painting, balloon animals, and goodie bags (with valuable coupons included) to the first 200 visitors. Waldo and members of the WSU Spirit Squad along with the WSU drum line will be there for fun and photos with the kids.

Be Faster Than A Sinking Job Market –

Are you a superhero at heart, but just aren’t sure how to be faster than a sinking job market. . . or more powerful than a tough economy. . .

Lets see if we can help. Did you know that the number of college graduates who are employed increased by about 1.5 million in the past year? Pretty neat, right? Weber State students balance work, family, and class with all the powers of a superhero! But don’t take our word for it. Check out the link below to read more about why MSNBC says having a degree will help you get a job.

Be Your Own Superhero: Mike Jasper

“Many people have the skills to perform the job, but a degree is the next step to being promoted to management.”

If you read our last post about Mike, you probably know all about his crazy computer skills and his future career goals. But did you know that he’s also married AND expecting a new baby? AND working full-time AND going to school full-time? Impressive, right?

Check out his video below:

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10 Questions with a Computer Science Major: Mike Jasper

Meet Mike Jasper, a senior in the Computer Science department with one year left until graduation. He’s also a student worker here in the marketing department of Continuing Education, and an all-around computer wiz-kid. Mike is responsible for managing external websites and programming internal applications. I recently asked Mike some questions about his experience as a Computer Science student here at Weber State University.

  1. Why are you majoring in Computer Science?
    Computer programming is the one medium I know of that is a synthesis of both art and science. On an average day, I can work with color theory, mathematical algorithms for sorting, or end-user psychology.
  2. What is your greatest accomplishment so far as a Computer Science major?
    My greatest accomplishment so far is that I have stuck with it. There are many difficult classes, including higher level math, which have tempted me choose an easier path. However, I’m often enough reminded of my passion for programming and creating interesting solutions to problems and re-choose to keep going.
  3. Besides Continuing Education, are you currently making money elsewhere in the Computer Science field, even before graduating?
    Yes, I run a freelance website development business. Some of my clients are dentists, musicians, authors, and other local small business owners. Most students have careers in the industry before graduation.
  4. What are your career goals for the future?
    After completing my degree here are at Weber, I would like to further my education with a Master’s in CS. This will hopefully lead me to successful career in software engineering and project management.
  5. As a Computer Science major, what is your greatest strength?
    As a CS major, my greatest strength is my ability to think critically about a problem, and apply knowledge from many areas to create a solution. Both critical thinking skills and a continuing love of education are essential for a career in computer science.
  6. Have you been working on any interesting projects recently?
    Last semester I worked on an open source game engine. A game I created was featured on the website as an example.
  7. Are you a Mac or a PC?
    Most enterprise programming tools and environments run on Windows based PCs, and they are what I am used to. Oh, and, you know, they are cooler (As a side note, PC means any personal computer –  so Macs are PCs too. But I’m assuming you mean a Windows operating system)
  8. What makes the Computer Science department at Weber State University so great?
    Weber’s CS department does an excellent job of preparing its students for careers after graduation, while other universities in the state focus more on theoretical and academic applications. Most CS students are already employed while still in school because of the excellent education and professors at WSU.
  9. Do you have any good advice for someone considering Computer Science as a major?
    Learning to program will challenge your mind to think and operate in a way that it never has before. For some, this can be hard and downright frustrating. Just remember that as you stretch your mind, you are growing personally and enriching your capacity to learn in all other areas of your life. Like many of the sciences, CS can, at times, be monotonous and tedious work. However, seeing a functional and finished project will fill you with immense satisfaction and pride.
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Be Your Own Superhero: Jennifer Carver

Jennifer Carver is a single mom living in Ogden Utah. She is currently a student at Weber State University. She is majoring in social work and minoring in criminal justice. Jennifer spent five years in the military before she moved to Utah at which point she enrolled at Weber State.

“Super Woman is definitely my favorite super hero, but I like to think she doesn’t have anything on me.”

Watch Jennifer’s video below to find out how she manages being a single mother, having a full-time job, being in the military and being a wildcat!


What does it take to Be Your Own Superhero?

In today’s popular culture, superheroes are becoming more prevalent and more iconic, thanks to enormous blockbusters like The Dark Knight and Ironman. But what is it that captivates us so much? It certainly doesn’t hurt that these movies have multimillion dollar budgets, some of our favorite actors, and plenty of cool explosions and chase scenes. It’s the characters themselves though, with whom we connect most. After all, every superhero has his or her own set of problems and commitments beneath the mask, just like everyone else. Sometimes it’s a flawed personality trait, sometimes it’s a moral conflict, and sometimes they just can’t seem to get the girl.

So what’s the whole point? You may be asking yourself, “Why all the superhero imagery?” Well, we here at Weber State University’s Continuing Education have decided that our students are real superheroes for pursuing their education amidst less than ideal circumstances. If you didn’t know already, Continuing Education provides assistance to and helps recruit nontraditional students, which is any student who is either at least 25 years old, married, taking evening, weekend or online classes, or is completing courses off-campus at any other WSU location. Many of the nontraditional students that we have highlighted in our previous blog posts (and whose images you may see riding around town on the side of a bus) are people who have returned to school after an extended hiatus, either because it was too difficult at the time or they had other commitments. Some have full-time jobs and some have children to take care of, but every one of them manages to create a unique schedule that works for themselves and their family.

So what does it really take to Be Your Own Superhero? Commitment, responsibility, an eagerness to learn, and a handful of other positive adjectives. Yes, it’s going to be difficult—it should be difficult—but the point is that you can do it. No matter what your excuse is, there’s already someone who had the same excuse and is about to graduate. So throw on your cape, tighten down your utility belt, and register for some classes already.

You can start by exploring some of your options at

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Breaking News: Waldo the Wilcat is Missing!

Where’s Waldo?

Waldo has been cat napped from his home at Weber State University. Now it’s up to the school to find him and bring justice to those responsible. Each WSU home football game a new episode of Where’s Waldo will debut.  Attend Weber’s home games to see all the episodes! After the videos are released at each home game you can check them out at Waldo


WSU Football: Homecoming game!

Last Saturday, October 15 Weber State’s football team dominated Idaho State University, taking the victory with a score of 39-12!

Stadium Defense Squad: Cadet Journal, Day 37

The following excerpt is from the journal of a new recruit in the Stadium Defense Squad. This elite team of dedicated students is sworn to protect one WSU’s most hallowed landmarks from the hordes of the undead.

Today’s practice was pretty demanding, I don’t know if I’m going to make the cut. Our drill instructor is brutal! I mean, I ran up four flights of stairs, took out three zombies, and all he gives me is “I’ve seen enough.” Uh! How will I ever defend our turf from the undead if my own drill instructor doesn’t think I can do it? Well, I’ll show him diary! Just wait till tomorrow’s practice. I hear we’re starting close quarters combat soon…

Stay tuned for more student vs. zombie action

Think you’ve got what it takes for zombie black ops? send in your application.