Be Your Own Superhero: Mike Jasper

“Many people have the skills to perform the job, but a degree is the next step to being promoted to management.”

If you read our last post about Mike, you probably know all about his crazy computer skills and his future career goals. But did you know that he’s also married AND expecting a new baby? AND working full-time AND going to school full-time? Impressive, right?

Check out his video below:

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Be your own Superhero: Karlene Terry

Veteran student, criminal justice major and future lawyer Karlene Terry takes advantage of Weber State University’s flexible class options to earn her degree. In between online and evening classes, she works in WSU’s Veterans Office helping other military students return to school. Weber State is consistently ranked as one of the top military-friendly universities in the country.

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Be Your Own Superhero: Jennifer Carver

Jennifer Carver is a single mom living in Ogden Utah. She is currently a student at Weber State University. She is majoring in social work and minoring in criminal justice. Jennifer spent five years in the military before she moved to Utah at which point she enrolled at Weber State.

“Super Woman is definitely my favorite super hero, but I like to think she doesn’t have anything on me.”

Watch Jennifer’s video below to find out how she manages being a single mother, having a full-time job, being in the military and being a wildcat!


Be your own Superhero: Zac Williams

“It’s a great environment to push myself and learn more.”

As a small business owner, Zac Williams knows the importance of having the right credentials. He’s enrolled in the Master of Professional Communications program at Weber State University as a way to bolster his credibility and create new opportunities for his business.

One of my favorite things about the program has been the opportunity to be in a program with other professionals and people that have been in the workplace. I’m able to get ideas from not only from the professors but from the other students. It’s a great environment.

Learn more about his company, Williams Visual.

Be your own Superhero: Felix Lleverino

Able to leap small children in a single bound!

Felix is a full-time student, father and husband. He’s staying at home with his two young girls while he’s working on a bachelors degree in Geography. When he graduates, he wants to go into Geospace engineering.

Watch our interview with Felix and find out how he balance family and school.

Be your own Superhero: Heather Wright

More powerful than a busy family schedule!Heather is a wife, mother, and a student at Weber State University. She is currently working on completing a major in Nutrition. When she graduates, she wants to work with children and teach them the importance of eating healthy and exercising. Watch her video to learn how she balances everything with all the power of a superhero.