X96 all-day show comes to Weber State

X96 will be at Weber State on Friday, April 12 for their annual all-day show. Kerry, Bill and Gina will be broadcasting their radio show from the Union Building. The show show runs from 6am to 6pm. Tune in or stop by.

Here are some highlights from last year’s show:

and of course…

Damian Lillard for Rookie of the Year!!!!

“I wanted to be able to make some changes…”

“Don’t hesitate, there’s no better time.”

Nathan had already earned a finance degree and was working as a financial analyst when he realized it wasn’t something he wanted to do for his whole life. Now he’s back to earn a Microbiology degree and hopes to go on to dental school after graduation.

“It felt like it was too late.”

Just as he was ready to graduate, Nathan felt like he was already locked in to a career and that it was too late to change it. A few years later he was visiting with a friend who had returned to college to change careers. It wasn’t until then that Nathan realized he could do it too.

“It’s nice to be in class with other people like you.”

Weber State has a high percentage of nontraditional students (students who are over 25, married, or have children). Nathan likes having more in common with his classmates. “It’s nice to have people in your class that have kids and know what you’re going through.”

Weber State Veteran Student featured in Salt Lake Tribune

Local student gives love a second chance

As part of their American Homecomings series, the Salt Lake Tribune just did a great piece on Jenn Comer. Jenn is an Iraq war veteran and Criminal Justice major at Weber State University who recently got married after having sworn off the institution (marriage, not Weber State). It’s a great piece about her wedding and how she’s gotten to this point in her life, but she’s been a superhero to us for a while now.

College Degree Holds Value in Recession

Your Weber State Degree is more Valuable than Ever.

Check out this story from NPR on how a college degree is holding up during the recession. Looks like a new study shows that most of the jobs creating during the recession require some kind of post-high school degree.

The article also talks about how jobs are not coming back in some sectors and how men are still trailing women when it comes to enrolling in college. The whole story is less than three minutes long, you should go listen to it.

2012 Ogden Marathon: Notes from a Relay Team

A few of our co-workers signed up for a relay team for the 2012 Ogden Marathon. Once they recovered, they were kind enough to share their experiences with us.

Kaycee Paskins, Leg 1 (Marathon start to mile 7)

I was expecting to be chilly at 5:30 in the morning, but I didn’t realize I would remain a frozen little popsicle through the entire first leg of the relay! Who knew???? I’ve been told this was one of the warmest starts they have had but I don’t believe it.  Despite the cold, the festive atmosphere, gorgeous scenery, and an amazing energy from all those ambitious souls got me past the starting line (eventually!) and down the road. A HUGE thank you to the volunteers at the aid stations, especially Ogden Clinic, you guys are PARTY ANIMALS!! Thanks to everyone who was involved in putting on such a great race!

Andrea Jensen, Leg 2 (Mile 7 to mile 13.1)

I signed up for the Ogden Marathon relay because I wanted a manageable running goal. I was doing great in my training until I injured my foot. For two weeks before the marathon I could not run at all. I worked with my doctor to prepare and hoped that I would be able to run that day. I was so nervous, but determined to show up and run as much as possible. I ran my six miles and want to run more now! It was fun to be a part of a team and to accomplish the goal I set.

Sabrina Sandry, Leg 3 (Mile 13.1 to mile 18)

This was my first official race. I admit, I could hardly sleep the night before because I was so nervous. What if I couldn’t finish? What if it took me too long and the slow poke van had to come pick me up? I didn’t want to disappoint my team or myself.
Race day came and when my sister finished her leg, I teared up as she handed over the relay bracelet, gave me a hug, and wished me good luck. I was so proud of her and I was so excited for my turn. Once I got past “THE HILL” I kept thinking “This is so awesome!” Running through the beautiful scenery of Pineview Dam and then down part of the canyon sure beat running on a treadmill.

Each time I passed, or got passed, by a marathon participant, I was inspired to keep on going. I figured if they could run these 26.2 miles, I could run my 5.

The race was so well organized and the volunteers were so encouraging. I felt like each of them were my #1 fan. The excitement and enthusiasm of the other participants, the inspiration of the marathon runners, the great volunteers and the pure satisfaction of finishing the race made it all worthwhile and made for a great experience.

Kristie Nielsen, Leg 4 (Mile 18 to mile 23.1)

We boarded buses at 25th and Washington at 6:15 a.m. and arrived at The Oaks by 6:45 a.m. Just 3 or 4 hours to wait… at least I got to wait with my husband, Curt. The Oaks was awesome to let us all pile in the restaurant to keep warm from the cold canyon wind. By 7:30 a.m. though we were out front watching for the first half-marathon runners to fly by which is exactly what they did. I’m pretty sure their feet weren’t touching the ground. It was exciting to cheer on the front runners, middle packs, and also the determined walkers of the half and full marathon races. I got to cheer on more than most because I think I was the second to last person to start my leg of the relay. (It brought back bad memories of junior high P.E. class team selection). I got started about 10:50 a.m. – weather was perfect and the 5-mile run down the canyon was awesome. I eventually handed off to Gail on the parkway and met up with Curt again. We decided to walk and jog the last 3 miles to the finish line for one of those Creamies. Ended with my medal and group hug with my team mates – great day!

Gail Niklason, Final Leg (Mile 23.1 to Finish Line)

Running the last, 3-mile leg of a marathon feels like cheating… when I took the changeover from Kristie (and I’d been waiting a couple of hours, so I was ‘ready to go’) I set off at a brisk pace (well, this is relative you know…) passing folks right and left. Of course most were on either mile 23 or mile 10. Then when I started to fade at about mile 2 I really started feeling guilty! These people were rocks – totally amazing! And they were hurtin’, but so determined – and I was such a wimp! But it was fun… and next year? I think we’re signing up for the half.

For more marathon pics, check out our facebook page

You can also watch a video of the Ogden Marathon route

Be your own Superhero: Karlene Terry

Veteran student, criminal justice major and future lawyer Karlene Terry takes advantage of Weber State University’s flexible class options to earn her degree. In between online and evening classes, she works in WSU’s Veterans Office helping other military students return to school. Weber State is consistently ranked as one of the top military-friendly universities in the country.

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