Be Your Own Superhero: Philly Edition

“Without a degree, your options are limited.”


Tomea Knight is the Director of Marketing at La Salle University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We talked with her about the value of earning a degree as an older student and she sent us some pictures of her favorite Philly-based superhero.

“Simply having a degree has opened many doors for me.  Employers are getting more selective during the interview process and are looking for ways to rule out candidates.  Many job postings have degree requirements listed.   Having my degree helped me get over the first hurdle. As individuals, we have goals in life in terms of career and family.  Gone are the days of working for one company your entire life and retiring with a commemorative gold watch.  In this unstable environment, it is important to have something to fall back on.  With a degree, you keep the door propped open to new opportunities.  Without a degree, your options are limited.

La Salle University has a lot of adult students returning to college after being in the workforce for years. She talked about how flexible class options are a lifesaver for students in Philadelphia too.

“Adult students are faced with the challenge of balancing their career and family life with the demands of the classroom.  They often need flexible schedules that allow them to participate in class assignments and submit coursework when most convenient for them.  My institution has adopted an online format that incorporates web-conferencing tools.  Students have the ability to attend live lectures presented by faculty from the convenience of their home or office.  This convenient delivery method has made going back to school a reality for many adults.”

WILDCATS – Now on display at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

She also talked about her favorite part about living in Philadelphia. Looks like Rocky is pretty big out there. No word on how many times they hear “Eye of the Tiger” each day.

“Philadelphia is a city full of culture.  From our historic district to our sports arenas, the city is full of tradition.  My favorite thing to do is dine at one of our amazing restaurants.  I also enjoy running the Philadelphia Art Museum steps; enjoying a Cheesesteak at the famous Pat’s and Geno‘s; cruising South Street; cheering for the “Iggles” (you’d understand if you were here); and taking advantage of the theaters on Avenue of the Arts.  Philadelphia has much to offer and there is never a dull moment!”

Rocky loves Wildcats

Be your own Superhero: Heather Wright

More powerful than a busy family schedule!Heather is a wife, mother, and a student at Weber State University. She is currently working on completing a major in Nutrition. When she graduates, she wants to work with children and teach them the importance of eating healthy and exercising. Watch her video to learn how she balances everything with all the power of a superhero.