Get To Know A Major: Physics

More than just the study of falling fruit.

When you see an apple falling from the tree, does it make you ponder the wonders of science or do you just feel guilty about not eating any fruit today? For Isaac Newton, it was definitely the former (he was renown for his fruit consumption).

The Physics department at Weber State University is a great place to learn exactly why the apple falls the way it does (hint: it starts with a G). You’ll also learn about astronomy, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, optics, and other brain-boggling fields. Then, in the end, you’ll learn that (SPOILER ALERT) all these seemingly disparate fields are closely related to each other! Wow!

Indoor star gazing.

The best part about the Physics department? They have their own planetarium! (The Ott Planetarium is where the astronomy classes are taught, but they also offer free star shows to the public and make it available for reservations. More about the planetarium here.) Best classroom ever? Yep. So if you’re curious about the physical world around you, get your celestial body into a class and open your mind up to some really nerdy stuff (in a cool way).

5 Clues You Might Be A Physics Major:


1)   Raising kids taught you that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
2)   You spend your days trying to conserve energy and power.
3)   You constantly refer to your car as an “object in motion.”
4)   You understand that string theory has nothing to do with clothes.
5)   To you, we are all nothing more than beautifully choreographed dances of electrons and protons, skirting our way through the universe on heavenly beds of mathematics, as surely as Europa orbits Jupiter and ?Fa,b = –?Fa,b .

Degrees / Programs Available:

Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts (BS or BA)

  • Physics
  • Applied Physics
  • Physics Teaching
  • Physical Science Composite Teaching


  • Physics
  • Physics Teaching

Career Opportunities:

Physics majors can be accepted into industrial and technological fields such as aerospace, electronics, and software design. Plus, starting salaries range from $40,000 to $65,000, depending on the position.

Advising / Contact:


1) For the Physics Major/Minor or the Applied Physics Major

  • Advisor:  Dr. Brad Carroll, department chair
  • Contact info:  Room SL 202C, phone (801) 626–7921, e–mail:

2) For the Physics Teaching Major/Minor or the Physical Science Composite Teaching Major

  • Advisor:  Dr. Adam Johnston
  • Contact info:  Room SL 207, phone (801) 626–7711, e–mail:

For more information, visit the Physics Department website.

Go outside and play: Waterfall Canyon on the Summer Solstice

Waterfall Canyon on the Summer Solstice

A great summer activity for the whole family.

The Waterfall Canyon trail in foothills above Ogden is one of the most scenic trails in northern Utah. It’s a great family hike. It’s about 3 miles round-trip with a steady incline over rocky terrain. The last push into the canyon is the hardest, but  it’s well worth it. The 200+ foot waterfall is an amazing sight. It’s even more spectacular this year with all the added water coming off the mountain.

Step-by-step guide

If you’re not familiar with all the trails, it’s easy to get off course on your way to Waterfall Canyon. Here is a step-by-step photo guide to help get you there.

Park at the 29th St. trailhead. It’s not usually this crowded, but there were a lot of hippies on the trail for the solstice.

Start out by turning left from under the awning.

Stay left as you start out. The other trails will take you across the top of the golf course, but you want to head up the mountain.

Turn right here. (It’s still pretty clearly marked at this point, in case you don’t want to print these photos out as your guide.)

No joke, this part is not fun. It’s a steady incline of about 120 yards. The incline after this is in the shade and by the stream, so it’s not as bad.

Watch out for off-leash dogs on the trail. (Don’t freak out, they’re just as hot and tired as you are.)

This is the last place you can get mixed up, and it’s not clearly marked. So after you cross the stream on the first wooden bridge, stay left.

The last part of the trail is like step aerobics, it’s pretty rocky. But once you get to the canyon, the mist from the waterfall cools you down right away.

See, the hike is good for all ages.

This isn’t even the best view of the valley from these trails (we’ll do that hike later), but it’s still pretty awesome.

Seriously! Look how awesome the zoom is on this thing. 

Stadium Defense Squad: Now accepting applications

Zombie black ops are routine for the Stadium Defense Squad

Defend this house!

Even though the zombie apocalypse is still years (if not decades) away, the Stadium Defense Squad remains vigilant in preparing to defend some of the most hallowed ground on campus.  The squad enforces a rigorous selection process, specialized black ops training and the latest undead countermeasures to ensure that the stadium will remain a proud centerpiece for generations.

Looking for some student vs zombie action?

If you are interested in joining the Stadium Defense Squad, please take a moment to fill out the application below. Our selection committee will closely review your information, compare notes with our stealth surveillance teams, and you’ll be informed of our decision in a clear but decisive manner in a few weeks.

Summer Familiy Activities: South Ogden Days

2011 Summer Tour Starts This Week

Our summer rockband tour kicks off this week in South Ogden. Join us for for carnival portion of South Ogden Days at Friendship Park on Friday, June 24 and Saturday, June 25.

Activities for the whole family

South Ogden Days offers all kinds of summer fun for all ages. Our table will be hosting Rockband 3 (now with keyboard) and a bunch of new prizes. We’ll also have plenty of information on coming back to school at Weber State University.

New Student Orientation: Shake your Groove Thing

“Hey, does anybody know where I get my Wildcard?

We we had our first new student orientation of the summer yesterday. Hundreds of new wildcats were on campus to chat with clubs and student services to get ready for the fall. This year the tables stretched all the way through the Union Building and outside into the belltower plaza.

All your questions answered in one place

These orientations are a great place to get all your questions answered before you start classes. You can tour campus, find out where your classes are and see how all the different student services can help you out.

In case you missed it

Be sure to sign up for the next orientation, they’re going on all summer.

Joining the student alumni association gets you great benefits (plus a pretty cool t-shirt).

Some tables were giving away great prizes for a little song and dance.

Career Services can help you land a job on campus or get you ready for a new one when you graduate.



Go outside and play: The Dinosaur Park

Kids driving you nuts this summer? Take them to see a T-Rex.

So the kids are probably out of school by now and after a week or two of having them home full time I bet everyone is climbing the walls. Especially Mom. A great family activity for the summer is to visit Ogden’s George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park. They have over a hundred full-sized dinosaurs that act as both main attraction and park security.

Something for kids of all ages (except for sulking emo teens, and there are plenty of benches for them to pout on)

The Dinosaur Park offers:

  • A fully operating Paleontology lab.
  • Eight acres of life-sized dinosaurs.
  • An education museum filled with information that will blow your mind (Related to modern birds?! Really?!)
  • Awesome exhibits like the 45-foot long, 20-foot high Tyrannosaurus.

Classroom activities too

For extra fun, check out the Dinosaur Park’s Dino Day Camps and Adventures in Art.  These educational programs are designed to spark your child’s imagination (a muscle they probably haven’t used much since school got out).  In Adventures in Art, children will have an opportunity to to work on weekly projects while they experiment with clay, chalk, and weaving.  Lunch will be provided each session and a final art show will showcase all the kid’s work. Students in the Dino Day Camp will get to spend six fun-filled hours participating in hands-on activities, scavenger hunts, and enjoying lunch in an outdoor setting. They will have lots of special projects to take home and they will be able to work in the Paleontology Lab with trained volunteers. Kids ages five to eleven can be signed up for Dino Day camp for $45.00 and four year old kids can be signed up for the Beginners Dino Day Camp for $15.00.  Kids ages five to eleven can also be signed up for the four week long art adventures class for $60.00.  To sign up for either program call the dinosaur park at 801-629-8877 or stop by the park to register in person.


If you go…

Apparently, dinosaurs have not forgotten their ancient alliance with wildcats. So the Dinosaur Park offers WSU students a $1.00 discount on a single admission with their Wildcard.  Much of the park is outdoors, so they’ll be plenty of walking. So wear good shoes, bring plenty of water and snacks and don’t forget the sunscreen. Take some quarters for fish food by the stream, they swim right up to you (Sorry Dad, no fishing inside the park).  And bring a camera for all the photo ops, (great for facebook status updates).

Bottom Line

The Dinosaur Park is a great summer activity for families. You can easily spend most of the day with all the stuff  they have to see and do. It’s a lovely walk for couples and there’s a great playground for little ones. If the kids are really starting to get on your nerves by now (and I know they are), the park’s a great way for them to get outside and burn off some energy.

Visit Ogden Eccles Dinosaur Park for more fun summer activities and dinosaur details. The Dinosaur Park is located at 1544 East park Boulevard in Ogden Utah, near the mouth of Ogden Canyon, right over by Rainbow Gardens. During the summer (May 30-Sept 5) the park is open Monday through Saturday 10am to 6pm and on Sundays 12pm-6pm.  They shut the gate one hour before closure so make sure to get there early to ensure a fun and worthwhile trip.

Better Know a Student: Susanne Matina

What’s your major?

Business Education Composite Teaching

What made you want to come back to school?

To obtain a good education and improve income possibilities

What would you say to people like you who are considering a college degree?

Do it!

What is your most embarrassing moment on campus?

When it was pointed out, in class, out loud, that it was time to dye my hair.

What’s your favorite thing about Weber State?

It’s close to home.

If you could change one thing about Weber State, what would it be?

I would change TBE 2080 to a 3 credit hour class. It is way too time consuming to be just 1 credit hour.

How the West Center Was Won


As you can see from the photos to the left, big changes are going on at the WSU West Center located in Roy.  What was once a dry and frozen wasteland is now a colorful fiesta.  For those of you who were afraid to try this place out before because of the rumors of zombie skeletons and ninjas hiding behind garbage piles, put your fears behind you! After a long and grueling battle against all that is evil, this place is now just as wonderful on the outside as it always has been on the inside. We’ve added an array of colorful window graphics to show how spacious the West Center is inside. We’ve also added new signs that are purple during the day and change to white in the evening (ahhh, magic…), so passersby can see our Roy location in all it’s glory.

It’s the Inside that Counts

“But,” you might ask, “what is so wonderful on the inside?” I might answer that question with another question.  “What is NOT wonderful about the inside of this place??”  This place is full of resources for people trying to get back to school.  We’ve already told you about the workshops that they have there (read this article here), but they also offer for-credit courses to help you fulfill your general education requirements.  In addition to that, you can take tests there, visit with an advisor, use the state-of-the-art computer lab, pick up your textbook order and so much more.

No More Excuses

So along with the zombies and ninjas, we’ve annihilated a few excuses for you.  No more “I can’t afford to become a brain-eating zombie.” No more “I’m allergic to ninja throwing stars.” And especially no more “I can’t drive all the way to campus.”  So what are you waiting for? Check out the website!